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Curry Classes

Learn the art of authentic Indian cooking. The next time you fancy a curry – why not cook your own? Why not surprise your friends and family with home-cooked Indian food. It’s simpler than it looks and tastes incredible. I can teach you everything from a few dishes to the complete repertoire of Indian cuisine – it depends entirely on what you wish to learn…

Sandhya Oza

I was born in Bombay, India and have been in the UK since 2000. I have been interested in Food well since I can remember. My first collection of recipes including clippings from newspapers dates back to my school days in the 80’s. Almost every young Indian bride’s easy access is a phone call to their mum, grand mum and their aunts depending on …

Why Curry Classes

Would you like to surprise someone special with a home cooked Indian meal? Would you like to gift someone a pre paid cooking class for Indian Food? Let’s make it happen…More reasons being— cook a healthy meal with fresh ingredients, get your kids to eat veg and rice and have a wider choice to the everyday question we face…

We sell ready made Indian spice boxes and gift vouchers.

Indian spice boxes contain a combination of 7 regularly used spices.

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Sandhya’s curry classes have made cooking Indian food accessible & easy



Sandhya’s explation of when & how various spices should be used have made it possible for me to experiment at cooking variety of dishes with confidence


It really shows how easy it can be to create wonderful Indian food. It is easier than I thought


Nicky Howse